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DawgCTF 2021

I competed in DawgCTF with the Hack South CTF team on 8 May 2021. This is an 24-hour, entry-level CTF hosted by University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s CyberDawgs. We ended up placing 28th overall. Here are the write-ups for the four challenges I solved.

Cyber Apocalypse 2021

Hack the Box hosted this amazing CTF. Team sizes were limited to 10 players. Since we we had a lot of interest from Hack South CTF players, we decided to entered two teams: HackSouth and HackSouthToo 😁. The teams were isolated from each other on our Discord server and the two ended up solving very different challenges from one another. I hoped for our team to finish in the top 100, but we ended up just missing the mark at 106th.

NahamCon CTF 2021

The Hack South CTF team was banging on all cylinders during this CTF and we placed 13th overall! I am extremely proud of this result. Only in its second year, it is easily one of the best amateur CTFs around. Ben Sadeghipour, John Hammond, and everyone else did amazing work to take CTFs to a new level.

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